How You Can Stay Motivated During the Summer Months

Summer continues to grace us with extended daylight, social invitations, and fun-filled family vacations. In many parts of the world, it’s unrelenting heat is also a defining characteristic of the season.

How can you stay motivated throughout the summer months? Here are 4 tips to keep you focused amid the heat, sun, sand, and limitless barbecues!


  1. Keep Your Calendar Updated!

Nothing spells success faster than organization. This is so important in the summer months. While you may take time off from the office to work from home or enjoy family holidays, be sure that you’re keeping track of all projects and tasks in a physical or digital calendar.

  1. Hold Fast To Your Routines

You may be tempted to let your normal hard work ethic and daily routines slip during the lethargic months, but this is often the root of many problems! Think of the summer as the rest of the year–with slightly better weather and more time to socialize at night and on the weekends. And, if you find that your exercise schedule needs to be re-adjusted due to the heat, find creative ways to sneak in a quick workout before or after work. Many runners who find the heat to be too oppressive to run in, may switch to cycling or swimming during the hottest weeks of the year.

  1. Take the Heat into Consideration

You’re not going crazy–the heat really does make us feel lazier and less inclined to work! Nip this unproductive attitude in the bud by finding ways to keep cool during the warmer months. You can do small things to help, like working in a cool space, switching from hot coffee to iced-coffee, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Do your best to keep you body cool so that your mind can run at optimal speed!


  1. Make Time for Fun

Summer isn’t all about working hard! Take the right amount of time off to enjoy this festive time of year with your family and friends. Remember, the less stress you have in your life, the more productive you will be! I firmly believe that. The right amount of stress may be necessary to spearhead a project or promotion, but working at an intense level at all times will only lead to burnout.

One of the best parts of summer revolves around the planning of a trip or outing. Soak up the anticipation leading up to the event. This can be incredibly motivating to lift your spirits and help you plow through the rest of your work.