Here’s How You Can Amp Up Your Workplace Engagement


Are you ready to increase the engagement levels at your workplace? Take a look at the following article, orginally published on LinkedIn. As the Founder and CEO of Koppekin Consulting, I’m committed to finding better ways to hire, retain, and train employees in all industries.

As the founder of your company, one of your most important jobs is to create an environment where productivity happens consistently. While this may seem like a simple task, it’s proven time and again, that increasing the engagement level of a workplace is the hardest task a leader faces. And if it seems that engagement levels are low on national level, you’re not wrong. A recent Gallup poll found that only 33% of US workers consider themselves engaged employees. If the majority of Americans are not finding value in the work they do, it’s time that companies reevaluate the work environment.

Understanding What Works

The arsenal of employee engagement tactics runs deep. We know that employees work hard for money. They worker harder for a great leader. And according to this recent Inc article, employees will work the hardest for a good cause. Finding value in the work you do is incredibly rewarding and just may be your best defense at retaining your team.

Value may be the center of the engagement circle, however, the ultimate scenario is to combine all three options: money, leadership, good cause. What would that look like? First off, the company would need to hire a great leadership team. Second, the job would offer a competitive starting package. Third, the leadership team would provide clear and simple directions on how to create, produce, assemble, sell what is most valuable to your company. In essence, cut out the busy work. Focus on the bottom line.

What Goes Wrong

If we have the prescription for an engaged environment, why can’t we apply it our workplaces? To start, when we talk about that ideal scenario, all of the stars must be aligned at the right time. This proves to be a challenge for many companies. Let’s say you hire a great leader but because you’re just starting off, you’re unable to offer your employees an attractive starting offer. You may inspire a great team but find it hard to retain superstars due to the salary.

Finding Ways to Make It Work

One of the easiest, best things you can do to improve the employee engagement levels at your company is to focus on what works and what matter. As stated above, this can be as simple as striving to connect each employee with the company’s mission at large. It’s not uncommon for an employee to feel more motivated in their position when they understand their direct value to the company. Keep your employees clued in on the stats and figures. Hold company-wide meetings to share this information in a transparent way.

Value may be derived from understanding the larger machine; but praise is equally important. Take the time to celebrate the large and small wins that you and your employees encounter. When you take the time to recognize the work of an employee, you’re sending a larger message out to your team. You’re positively reinforcing the work that was completed. You’re also calling the rest of your team into action.

It’s no secret that when your employees find satisfaction with the job, they’re more likely to complete tasks more accurately and faster. Who wouldn’t want to create an environment that produces such results?

This article was orginally published on LinkedIn.

Stephen Koppekin is the founder and CEO of Koppekin Consulting, Inc. Visit his website to learn more about his business and the services he offers.