Who is Stephen Koppekin?

Stephen Koppekin is the founder and the CEO of Koppekin Consulting, Inc., a small firm located in Los Angeles that specializes in all issues relating to employment matters. Prior to his entrepreneurial role at Koppekin Consulting, Inc., Stephen spent 43 years in the industry, negotiating collective bargaining agreements within some of the most influential corporations in entertainment and broadcasting, as well as government agency the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). He always managed to secure the best deals for his company while maintaining good relations with labor unions and industry guilds.

As the founder of Koppekin Consulting, Inc, Stephen brings decades of experience to the role and the company. His hallmark feature is his dedication to facilitating effective and open communication between employers and their staff. This focus on communication is an essential principal in the success of a business and the happiness of each of an organization’s members.

Alfred W. Blumrosen, the first Director of Conciliation and a law professor at Rutgers University, worked with Stephen Koppekin during his tenure in law school there.  Stephen had great success working on a project with him and an associate.  The project was a gravely important case backlog in the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights.  Stephen wowed everyone as he trimmed a filer’s “waiting time” down to forty days.  This is notable because it used to take nine months.  This experience struck Stephen profoundly.  He thought to himself, “There must be situations like these in every company and organization across the globe.  Maybe I could make a deep impact on companies moving forward by streamlining the process of handling such cases fairly and efficiently.

In both his current and his previous positions, Stephen brings a consistent sense of professionalism, practicality, and judiciousness to every decision he makes as a labor relations executive and advisory consultant.

An avid reader and writer, Stephen Koppekin enjoys writing about the latest topics on his websites. Whether Stephen is writing about topics related to unions or crafting personal essays about the cultural significance of the sport of Baseball on America’s history, Stephen’s seasoned perspective brings a deep element of truth and insight to each post.

In addition to Stephen’s professional accomplishments, Stephen continues to explore new avenues of personal and professional growth. A life-long learner who credits an early workplace accident as the seed of his success, Stephen values and promotes the power of an education. Stephen’s story is an inspiring reflection of the rise of America’s dedicated citizens. Born from a working class family in New Jersey, Stephen found his way to college, then Law School, two decisions that would transform his trajectory and life’s path.

A devoted husband, father, and grandfather, Stephen Koppekin enjoys sharing his personal musings and interests with the world. Stephen and his wife recently embarked on a cross-country trip to celebrate their grandson’s birthday. Stopping at various baseball stadiums along the way, the happy trio toured museums, ate local delicacies, and took in many, many games of the America’s favorite pastime.

Whether he’s visiting a local museum or writing on issues related to retirement or health, Stephen continues to live a full life, filled with family, growth, and the desire to help others along the way.

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Stephen Koppekin surrounded by his loving family.